Yellow is one of the brightest colors if not the brightest and it is one of my favorites because It signifies sunshine,life,happiness,vitality and of course Freedom.

We should all have certain colors around us because colors are vibrational just like us. That’s why certain colors make us happier than others.

Yellow sounds like hello doesn’t it? Wonder why ? Well i think it’s because it’s an attractive color just saying hello to someone is like stretching out a hand to connect’. Key word there is connect!
Let us connect. We are all human beings and we all share same organs, same tissues,same emotions and blood vessels but if you prefer some animals to some humans then that is understandable. LOL

Have a great week and say hi to someone new today! Dwell in the vibration of the color yellow and be kind and cheerful to someone. You may be changing their lives in a second and you may not even know it.

Till the next read Royals.


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