“How hungry are you”?!

Humming this morning a song “In pidgin language ( native to Africa)

“One Sunday morning ,I wake up from sleep.. I go kitchen I no see food 🥘..

I put on my dress I go one canteen, dem gimme two Loi-loi, one meat..

I chop am no pay.. dem pour me egusi soup, I Dey take style Dey lick am cause the soup was so sweet..


P:S If you know this song we should have a physical office for family meeting ✌️

Meaning of song : One Sunday morning after waking up,I checked on some food in the kitchen to no avail. I dressed up,stepped out to a canteen,placed an order: Two fufu(Loi-loi as is called is cassava starch like eba “) one meat( beef or whatever ..lol) in Egusi ( melon ) soup.

Knowing fully well there was no money to pay I ate and waited to be asked for payment and they*The canteen owners” poured soup on me” as punishment (their point of view) and I licked the soup poured on my body because it was so sweet. ( the songwriters point of view)

How insanely ridiculous is that ?!

That was a very popular song during my childhood around my aunties for some weird reason😒. I believe it has a relevance to what I call “The food chain of how we behave as human beings”. We are programmed to kind of wait till things get terribly bad/sour.. before we do what we’ve always known we would do and that is what brings about Shame,anxiety/depression etc.

According to Paul Coelho” Going after a dream has a price.

It may mean abandoning our habits, it may make us go through hardships, or it may lead us to disappointment.

But however costly, it’s never as high as the price paid by people who live in their comfort zone.

A dream doesn’t have to be a career, marriage, PHD or even traveling the world.It could be a very important decision to be made that may seemingly be irrelevant to you now because *YOU THINK YOU STILL HAVE TOMORROW.. sigh

How hungry are you ?


“As you all know by now my weird sense of humor is here thinking .. (according to the song/poem “at the beginning..” )whoever created that song made a seemingly stupid sacrifice to feed” but she did it anyway so she could eat.”

P:s .. I’m sure she could have begged to eat, but she chose what she thought was her “only choice”

It’s all about “PERSPECTIVE”

Anyway back at it:

Keyword : SACRIFICE”

It may mean abandoning your choices/habits or even leaving your family. It may make us go through the dark rabbit hole. Still…

How hungry are you ??? What are you willing to let go to receive?

No guts to glory !

How bad do you want it ?

Till next read❤️


Why do we hide our feelings ? Especially the bad ones ?


Why do we share the good ones and get scared to share the bad ones ?

What is it with the word “Bad”?

Why do you believe in “good or bad”?

Have you ever wondered why??

You see.. we have all been programmed to believe words in what we read, what we are told and mostly what we watch.

Words are in everything !!! Everything! Even in silence .. Same as numbers and symbols.

Sharing is simply connecting. It’s one of the main reasons why we are all here. It’s a part of your purpose as a human being to SHARE! The good, the bad and the ugly and until we come to realize that.. there’s a lot to unlearn.

Sharing detoxifies the soul. Just as exercise detoxifies the skin.

Share what you can how you can. Tomorrow is not certain.

Till the next read ❤️

Birds eye view 👀

What is life without birds ?

Birds are beautiful free colorful creatures that CAN FLY!

Birds are the singers, the whistlers, the ones who fly with wings high up in the sky🦅

Birds fly high up in the sky but they still have to come down to get food. Birds be like “damn,no matter how high up I can fly, I still gotta go down for some food?!

Same with humans. No matter how high up we go, we still look down to eat. ( Mother Earth be like you must bow 🙇🤓)

“Everything that goes up must come down”. That is not just a proverb but it’s one of the laws of the universe. Imagine if humans had wings👽. Some would probably build houses floating in the air….

If there are no birds then there will be nothing to look up to but the same sky we see everyday. Just the same way if we had no role models or predecessors or even ancestors we would not have anyone to look up to.

Birds are here to spice up and show us we can do anything we decide to do have anything we want to have and be anyone we think we can be. That’s why we have some special humans that have special talents and gifts as we call them” that help spice things up too. ( That’s just the way it is ).

Birds are role models

Birds are leaders

Birds are creatives

Birds fly freely irregardless of the weather 👌. “IRREGARDLESS”

Life is just like a bird

Let us live like birds !

Birds are Royalties !