Gratitude equals Addition

All things bright and beautiful

All creatures great and small

All things wise and wonderful

The lord God made them all

That’s a verse in the old catholic hymns book”

Those words always struck a chord within me anytime I come across em’..Wanna know why?

Well, one of the very first things my parents taught me growing up was gratitude 🙏🏽 and it was the best skill they could have instilled in me.

I always wondered why ants greeted each other while marching.. Ever seen a group of ants( any kind) anywhere? Watch them for just few seconds. It’s mind blowing! A million ants could be marching and they all greet each other. Damn !!.

You can imagine how many ants there are in the world yet no matter what happens when they see each other they stop to greet. That’s love, respect loyalty and Gratitude. I believe this should be every human being’s mindset but you know what I say about Soldiers? Just like the ants not every one is designed to be a soldier and that’s perfectly okay.

You cannot be proud and grateful at the same time. Same way you cannot be proud and productive”.. Haba! Common sense should tell you that”.

From experience I’ve come to understand Gratitude is a very very very humble feeling. It takes nothing to be grateful but it looks like it takes everything.

Gratitude is not just a “ Thank you”. It is an experience, a feeling , a vibration, an energy!.

Imagine ants being so humble greeting and loving on each other yet they are soldiers marching ! How about that???

They are the tiniest of insects but also “SOLDIERS”Gratitude has to “GLADLY” make you feel tiny as an ant. Humility begets gratitude’..

What I call HUMILITY some call HUMILIATING


Gratitude is one of the most necessary skills you could learn but the hardest to hold onto because humans prefer the “Ego” and honestly it’s super easy to be proud. I mean anyone can be Proud after all.

Even the Bible says “Give thanks in “Every Situation”. The same Bible says “ Pride comes before a fall” ..

The energy of gratitude automatically attracts more things to be grateful for. It’s as simple as 1+1 =2

Gratitude = Addition

It’s that simple..

When you are grateful for good things more good comes your way. Gratitude is attractive. Damn that sh** is sexy…

So my dear Royalties, you gotta wake that ass up ! Jump up if you can because you have for one “Life inside of you” to be thankful for.

Just like fueling fire..The more fuel you pour, the larger the fire gets. Such is the energy of gratitude.The more grateful you are the more fuel you’re pouring onto the fire..

What are you grateful for today?

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