Celebrate your small wins

What does an actual ‘win’ really mean?

What does it take to win or lose?

Below are my thoughts..

An actual win simply means — an achievement which means :

It takes “Ballz” to win!

In order to win or have victory, first you must take the required action.

It’s become vivid to me how much our actions are everything..Literally ‘everything’..because to win, you must take action, to lose you also must take action..Life is a series of never ending action..

So now you see how no matter the outcome of any situation you are in actions are everything. Nothing actually happens until you take action.

It’s the season of celebrations per usual but most importantly the season of love,reflection and gratitude.

We tend to live too much inside our heads and sometimes forget to acknowledge the beauty around and within us. So many people fought and conquered so many silent battles this year and even the years before but sometimes they forget to celebrate how much effort they put in after the battle has been won. This is a gentle reminder to always stay gracious and celebrate yourself..irregardless of what time it is..

Get your butt up and celebrate something you accomplished this year..no matter how small. If you think you don’t have any accomplishment to be proud of, then take a look at yourself in the mirror.What do you see?

You’re still here!

That is more than enough.

Yes or yes?

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a bright new year!

P:S Any thing that’s accomplished should be celebrated.


We are here to create and re create. It is our nature to create! (Nature”,“ natural”).. Take note of those words. As a matter of fact. Read that again..

It is our nature to create therefore you should by law of nature create yourself, your kind of food, your style your “anything”!

We are coming into a new decade and energetically I know this is going to be a hell of a decade..It’s like having a do over of a bad pot of noodles ..

Life is really about individuality and to create you have to destroy ! It is what it is..

I’ve come to create and create I will ✌️

Creating simply means mixing and mastering if I were to describe it the way an artist would. Just as a chef mixed water and pepper to make soup.Just as a writer creates a vivid imagination in your mind while reading.

We have so many labels for things that our words can’t describe hereby making language a huge barrier for pure communication.. Art is a very huge part of life and every single one of us creates everyday. Consciously or Subconsciously .. but we are too busy to slow down and breathe..

We are recreational animals but it’s unfortunate we have to pay to re- create as most of the beautiful natural recreational facilities are now tourist centers and one has to pay. However, do not be discouraged it’s okay to be a clown in this boxed” world. To be recreational doesn’t mean use all the eggs/ sperm in your body to create”. It basically means to learn mix and master something..anything ! Otherwise help/elevate those who can..

I would love to see a world with so many creators living freely and most importantly recognized because there are so many people waiting for someone to take the lead..So many lost souls who need to find their way home..

Wake up !!!!!

The world needs you today. The world needs you right now..

The Universe is screaming come on baby! Take back your power and create..

We are ready for the 2020’s..Let’s FCK shit up !!