The only word that is constant in the whole universe…

Change is like the wind when it blows .. everything scatters..ever experienced a whirlwind of emotions happy or sad, how do you react? If excited, you celebrate you smile, jump etc.. if otherwise, you scream (certainly moving), cry or even throw things around..

You see, everything that comes with change comes with change goes with change. Change is life… life is change because it is forever moving. Get it ??

Change is inevitable and until we accept that change is inevitable we may continue to live in chains.. Breaking free requires change and it is never comfortable.. You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

So let’s say for instance, you have a habit of doing the same thing over and over again or you’re trying to solve a problem and you keep throwing things around does it solve the problem? You see, if you keep throwing things around you’ll end up cleaning more spots.. That’s why they say if you keep doing the same thing over and over again you’ll end up getting the same results.Imagine trying to break a wall do you do that by patting the wall ? It requires effort because it’s not in your comfort zone and that means you have to get uncomfortable yet being okay with it.

Change is always in motion

Change is fluid

Change is nature

Change is life

This decade calls for so many changes and i am super excited to see how we evolve with these changes.. We consciously create beauty when we see a need for change within and without.

Change is a constant because every matter is constantly vibrating. Even everyone is. Change is invisible just as life is you have to be it” or create it” ( “it being change”).

“Be the change you want to see in the world”..


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