Mindset 2 ( Get the trash out)

Talk about a sequel right?

I have a lot to share as regards to this so I might add a couple more episodes to this topic just as I would on my YouTube channel.

There are two words here – mind and set”. Your mindset comprises of you and a decision. ( because everything is a choice).

Let me put it this way, take a look at your phone for instance, it is a machine just like your mind. You have so many apps on it that you don’t even use ( just like the areas of your mind you haven’t even tapped into). Please Get the trash out !! Create space and empty the unwanted thoughts and/or information clogging your phone or mind space in this instance.

If your mind is clogged, then your life is clogged!

Read that again.

You see, your mind is unlimited but what you do with it depends on how you perceive your experiences. Can you even begin to imagine how vast your mind is ?

The mind of a man built planes, ships, gadgets, bridges, robots, now they are making clones , Ai, etc.

So what would be the importance of understanding your mindset as an individual? That would be life changing wouldn’t it ?

Your mindset is your life’s foundation. It is the beginning of every action you take. You know how they say “you reap what you sow”?thats because the foundation on which you plant determines how the fruits would turn out.

You can watch more about it on my YouTube channel below

Any reason behind your action or reaction to something or someone is based on your perception ( how YOU see it) . Notice the keyword “you”.

I believe that means YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR MINDSET ( Your point of view )..

Do you know why they say “food for thought” ? It’s because the mind feeds via information. That’s right ! So feed it right . Set your mind right! Your mindset is a goldmine and you best believe that..Your mind is feeding off of millions of information every moment and it’s your duty to feed your mind right and get the trash out.

Till the next read.

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