How to live your best life

A time will come when you’re no longer here, so why not make it a masterpiece instead of a tragedy? Everyone experiences hardship in one way or another. Some things you can’t control. Living your best life means focusing on what you can control to maximize pleasure and minimize pain.

You have a choice. 

Do not allow your fear and circumstance control you, or make the decision to live your best life. You might be in great place now. But there’s always more. 

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things

Have you noticed how we love and are generally attracted to people that live their best life. No matter how they make it seem, we are drawn to them like magnets, because happiness is our natural state of mind but we have been contaminated by so many factors. In The journey to happiness , every moment is a chance to create the life you deserve by unlearning and detoxing all that you have been taught throughout your life.

In order to live your best life, you ought to first recognize what life and death is to you. So many people are yet to inner-stand that life and death are two sides of a coin. They are twins from the same mother. Life is creating, while death is destruction. They work together at all times. Therefore, its your duty to recognize it in your everyday life.

There are a few steps necessary to start this transformative process of living your best life. Discipline is key here. The process requires conscious efforts and dedication to self-development. Everyday is a reminder that everything that has a beginning has an ending.

Begin to imagine how you want to die. Yes! Read that again.

When you imagine how you want to die, you would realize death happens in just a day and this could be any day. So you’re prepared. When you’re prepared the chemicals in your brain re-arrange their selves, your mind, body and soul re-organizes itself. This is the grey area in the transformation process where you are now the pilot and you are in CHARGE. By now you know the difference between what, who and where is meant for you and otherwise.

All life is an experiment

Scientists begin everything they do by observing, testing and experimenting. To create anything you have to be focus. To live the live you deserve you have to DEFINE WHAT LIFE MEANS TO YOU and start living according to your definition. What life means to me is different from what life is to you. This is why there is no right and wrong way to live. Competition is unnecessary.

Listed below are the necessary steps to take to help you live your best life.

  • Make peace with your past.
  • Observe yourself and your daily habits, thoughts, moods, words and actions.
  • Set your intentions. After having thought about what makes you happy and what drains your energy, focus on what living the best life looks like for you.
  • Be Definite About What You Want
  • Seek Out and Enjoy New Experiences
  • Spend time in nature
  • Only build relationships that align with where you see yourself going
  • Start living as yourself

Living your best life is not about what looks perfect for social media or what everyone says you “should” do. It’s about what you want and how you’re going to make it happen. It’s also about simplifying your life in a way that works for you. So, go on—live your best life full of purpose and without any regrets.

Living your best life means having a meaning and a purpose aligned with your true nature and your values. You’re working towards something worthwhile.

You invest your time in activities that you find interesting and relevant. 

You’ve resolved your self-destructive habits.

You’re progressing on your goals, and you’re living, first and foremost, for your best self.

How do you get to this point? Incremental improvements, one step at a time. You don’t live your best life by doing one thing, once. You do it by developing the right habits and repeating them day after day. 

 “Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning… Anyone can start over and make a new ending.”

Chico Xavier

6 signs of negative energy and how to get rid of it

Negative energy is a very general term we use today to describe an unseen force which makes our lives harder to live. In some cultures, they will call it the evil eye, modern psychology may call it depression, medicine may call it fatigue etc. Negative energy may have plenty of sources of origin but the important part is to be determined to clear the problem and take steps to rectify all possible underlying issues. We cannot change others but we can change ourselves.

Sadly, because many people can’t find peace within themselves, sometimes we can be victims of dark energy send intentionally or not by them. The negative energy has the ability to interfere in your life and it can be overwhelming in case you don’t know how to protect yourself from this energy.

There are various types of negative energy and you can’t really deal with negative energy until you learn its sources. These three sources may be influencing your feelings of negativity

Negative People

You have probably had the experience of feeling positive or negative energy from a person. Humans pick up on anger, sadness, and other negative emotions that others project. We are good at reading those through verbal and nonverbal cues even when they aren’t openly expressed. 

Negative Environments

You may have experienced feeling very comfortable in some environments and uncomfortable in others. Sometimes this is because of the experience that you associate with the place. You’re unlikely to be as comfortable in the dentist’s office as in a friend’s home. But there is also scientific evidence that the physical details of your surroundings can impact your mood. Clutter, for example, can create stress and even interfere with your sleep. Places that make you uncomfortable can also be described as having negative energy because it affects your mood and aura.

Negative Self-Talk

Self-talk is the flow of mostly unspoken thoughts that run through your head. Negative thoughts can harm your health and well-being. 

If you are being a victim of dark energy you are probably not feeling very well in general. We’ll help you identify the signs that you are being affected by dark energy and give you some tips to overcome the situation.

1. You feel drained and exhausted

Although you’re giving your best to have happy and energetic days, you’re eating well, getting some sun, working out and repeating positive thoughts, you feel exhausted. You know that the energy your spending is not compatible with such a state of exhaustion and despair!  

2. You’re experiencing sleeping problems

Sleepless woman suffering from insomnia, sleep apnea or stress. Tired and exhausted lady. Headache or migraine. Awake in the middle of the night. Frustrated person with problem. Alarm clock with time.

Although you feel exhausted and you spend your days longing for the resting time, once you hit your bed you can’t stop worrying about everything and your thoughts almost drive you crazy, taking too long to fall asleep. In the process, your stress levels increase exponentially.

Besides that, when you finally fell asleep the quality of your sleeping hours is low, sometimes you have a lot of nightmares or you just can’t feel rested and recharged at all when you wake up. Learn HOW TO MANAGE STRESS

3. You don’t feel joy

You’re realizing you don’t feel joy anymore for the things that before used to bring an instant sensation of fascination and happiness. Although you didn’t give up trying, it seems that nothing can touch your heart the way it used to.

The overall sensation is that positive energy has been drained out of you. See The journey to happiness

4. You’re letting others control your life

You’re not following your own instincts and in look for support from other people you’re letting their opinions interfere too much in your life. Instead of feeling supported, you feel way more lonely than ever and you’re trying to fill everyone else expectations instead of fulfilling your dreams and following your own directions.

You are focusing too much on comparing yourself to others, that’s why you’re stepping away from your own path.

In that process, you’re also not being able to process other people’s critics to yourself and you see everything as a strong personal attack. Try to be more conscious about the way you deal with it.

5. You feel afraid

You have a constant feeling of fear. The future frightens you, the idea of a new day, of a new adventure, of meeting new people, everything comes with the sense of fear!

This keeps you in your comfort zone and you’re watching your dreams getting farther since you don’t feel the necessary energy to face all the challenges they come with. After all, you feel disappointed with yourself! Read more on Face your demons now

6. You Complain a Lot

Complaining occurs when we express the negative talk in our heads out loud. Complaining can become such an ingrained habit that you don’t realize when you are doing it. When you complain, you are putting your negative energy out where it can affect others.

What can you do to erase dark energy from your life?

There are many things you can do to connect with yourself and protect from the negative powers that people send towards you. This is important for your present if you identify the previously mentioned signs, but also for the future because it can happen again. Whether your negative energy comes from other people, your environment, or yourself, you can take these necessary steps to help you. For instance ,if you are dealing with negative people,

Dealing With Negative People

You’ll be happier if you associate with positive people, which may mean rethinking your social circle. It may not be possible or desirable to remove all the negative people from your life. However, you can find ways to maintain positive energy in their presence. One is to imagine an aura of positivity surrounding you like a shield.  Another is to use humor to create positive energy.

Create a Positive Environment

Decluttering your home and workspace can get rid of negative energy. Hold on to useful things and the items you love, and get rid of the rest. When you are tempted to buy more stuff, remind yourself that things don’t bring happiness. 

You can look for help if you think this energy is too strong to start fighting it for yourself, maybe a healer, someone to help you clean the energies of your body and house, a meditation facilitator, etc.

For the future, remember to trust your own instincts, and anytime you feel you’re being under attack, don’t let things go on for too long. Act and solve it as quickly as you notice it!

Nothing can invade you without your permission

We don’t learn it, but the truth is that if energy is in our life is because, consciously or not, you gave permission for it in your life. For example, if you keep victimizing yourself you’re calling negative energies, or if you vibrate in hatred against your or the others.

Change your mindset, don’t let yourself fall in these patterns anymore.

Purifying habits

Drink water and meditate to it before you drink it, or activate it while drinking it by thinking and feeling love. The water has the ability to concentrate our energies.

Smudge your places with white sage or palo santo often.

Review your boundaries

You don’t have to become a cold heart, but you also don’t have to accept all the energies everyone around you is trying to send you. If someone isn’t doing well you can try to support, but if you realize that person is not willing to seek a cure, you can always say “I’m not interested.”

Remember to keep your own integrity, after all, we don’t have to be always on service and duty.

Dealing with dark energy can be one of the biggest challenges of them all, but it’s so common that bringing awareness and protection habits into our life is essential.