Take a deep breath


Okay, now take a deep breath in and out. Today could only get better as it ends. There are days where I think, there is someone out there somewhere waking up daily waiting to die. Nothing to do with their lives . Not because they want to die, but some don’t even know it’s possible to think that we didn’t all come here waiting to die.

If you think critically, you’re very blessed especially in times like this, with the things happening in the world, globally and personally. As above so below. Everything that’s manifesting globally has already happened in the celestial bodies. We are awakening to the reality of the prison we live in. Surrounded by fear.

If you are in a situation where you think there’s nothing to do about your life, close your eyes and look within. Cry if you need to. You are your best source of information and healing.

Take a deep breath. Everything has its time and season . We are entering a new season and even the leaves from the trees are dying and falling. This is happening to make space for a new season. The pause is the period in between the old and new. This is where transformation occurs. So, take a deep breath in and out. Release the old and welcome the new with each deep breath. Let it unfold the way it’s supposed to be.

Breath-work is a very powerful self healing tool. There’s so much information out there about how amazing breath-work is. You can practice breath-work to raise your vibration, to change your psychology, to heal some illnesses and so much more. If you would like me to explain in details how this works. Please leave a comment below.

Your season would not pass you by if you let go and allow.

Pause. Take a deep breathe ..

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