Barisity is a Sity of Royalties. A home for royals where Kings and Queens connect. We talk all about Consciousness. Love is our religion. We dive deep into the world of Love,Sex,Mysteries and Spirituality. We call them *THE UNSPEAKABLES*We are a proud community of Open minded souls to connect,share and extend love to any and everyone on a soulful level.

Queen Tomca created this channel as a connecting portal for clear truths about love,life, hidden truths and misconceptions.Mostly about feminine energies in both genders.This channel was created with the intention of teaching and healing your inner child, while we awaken to the purest and realest versions of ourselves. Encouraging the growth and exploration of our mind, body, soul and spirit. We hope to provide new perspectives to enable you make real-life changes and encourage us to release stuck up ideas and energies to help heal ourselves spiritually, mentally and of course physically.

We aim to teach,heal, inspire and empower the collective as well as our clients to be creative, expressive and true to themselves no matter what.We all have a child inside of us. It’s time to let him/her out..