Its time to Unite

The call is on. Those who hear, know it’s time to unite and untie all ropes restricting individuals and humanity from it’s true nature. Unity simply means to align. In the conscious community, alignment usually manifests as recurring numbers and I’m sure many people see these numbers everywhere. But do you know what they mean … Continue reading Its time to Unite

Life is always beautiful, people make it look ugly

The creator reflects the creation. When you look at life, the earth, air, the ocean, trees, plants, the stars , sun etc . It’s all beautiful . When asked to look at your life, you remember the people and experiences that came with them in it too and that’s what makes a difference.

Everyday Counts

Moment after moment is all time is . Time isn’t the clock or the weather change as you’ve been told . It’s a design made to confuse and separate you from your true essence. If you could count your breaths intentionally for a while, less say an hour, you would innerstand that there is nothing … Continue reading Everyday Counts


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Hi 👋 I’m Queen Tomca.

I’m a connector by nature, an artist, author, a solution finder and Coach. I’m relatable, intuitive, interactive, YOU centered and super fun.

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This blog is aimed at illuminating, teaching and healing different types of soul level issues both mentally and emotionally due to one’s life experiences. Encouraging the growth and exploration of our body, mind, soul and spirit, I hope to provide new perspectives to enable you make real-life changes.

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