Death is part of life

The fear of death has limited the capabilities of so many people. In my lifetime or in any. The world has been so brainwashed that humans are scared of death, which is totally a part of the wheel and circle of life. It’s always death and rebirth endlessly. That’s the game of life. So get … Continue reading Death is part of life

Take a deep breath

Pause. Okay, now take a deep breath in and out. Today could only get better as it ends. There are days where I think, there is someone out there somewhere waking up daily waiting to die. Nothing to do with their lives . Not because they want to die, but some don’t even know it’s … Continue reading Take a deep breath


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Hi 👋 I’m Queen Tomca.

I’m a connector by nature, an artist, author, a solution finder and Coach. I’m relatable, intuitive, interactive, YOU centered and super fun.

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This blog is aimed at illuminating, teaching and healing different types of soul level issues both mentally and emotionally due to one’s life experiences. Encouraging the growth and exploration of our body, mind, soul and spirit, I hope to provide new perspectives to enable you make real-life changes.

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