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What is Barisity?

Barisity is an African name which means City of the gods. (God’s city) thats why she is referred to as a ‘SITY OF ROYALTIES’.

Barisity is also the incomplete spelling of my name (BARISITOMCA) which makes her so Unique!

Royalties are those who are able to go through life and come out stronger and happier on the other end but not just that mostly its about those who SPEAK UP about any and everything.We aim to unite as Royalties to enable us connect and heal the world as a whole.

Our job starts with taking you back to where it all began by helping you understand our roots,who we are and what we are made up off. Also remind you of the fundamentals of life and open you to a whole new world of possibilities through sharing our truths. No man is an island and we believe in human connections.The truth requires bravery and thats the only way out!..

Products and Services

Nature is the product and love is the service.

Through psychotherapy, life coaching, mentorship, guidance & counseling, readings and divinity mediumship,we aim to reboot and reignite your highest self instantly.

I will be serving tips on how to use certain tools made FREE by Nature to heal our physical mental and emotional health. As well as support other entrepreneurs share their creativity.

Its all about Freedom and Fulfilment while having the best time of your life.Life is all about makeing decisions.

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