Birds eye view 👀

What is life without birds ?

Birds are beautiful free colorful creatures that CAN FLY!

Birds are the singers, the whistlers, the ones who fly with wings high up in the sky🦅

Birds fly high up in the sky but they still have to come down to get food. Birds be like “damn,no matter how high up I can fly, I still gotta go down for some food?!

Same with humans. No matter how high up we go, we still look down to eat. ( Mother Earth be like you must bow 🙇🤓)

“Everything that goes up must come down”. That is not just a proverb but it’s one of the laws of the universe. Imagine if humans had wings👽. Some would probably build houses floating in the air….

If there are no birds then there will be nothing to look up to but the same sky we see everyday. Just the same way if we had no role models or predecessors or even ancestors we would not have anyone to look up to.

Birds are here to spice up and show us we can do anything we decide to do have anything we want to have and be anyone we think we can be. That’s why we have some special humans that have special talents and gifts as we call them” that help spice things up too. ( That’s just the way it is ).

Birds are role models

Birds are leaders

Birds are creatives

Birds fly freely irregardless of the weather 👌. “IRREGARDLESS”

Life is just like a bird

Let us live like birds !

Birds are Royalties !


Yellow is one of the brightest colors if not the brightest and it is one of my favorites because It signifies sunshine,life,happiness,vitality and of course Freedom.

We should all have certain colors around us because colors are vibrational just like us. That’s why certain colors make us happier than others.

Yellow sounds like hello doesn’t it? Wonder why ? Well i think it’s because it’s an attractive color just saying hello to someone is like stretching out a hand to connect’. Key word there is connect!
Let us connect. We are all human beings and we all share same organs, same tissues,same emotions and blood vessels but if you prefer some animals to some humans then that is understandable. LOL

Have a great week and say hi to someone new today! Dwell in the vibration of the color yellow and be kind and cheerful to someone. You may be changing their lives in a second and you may not even know it.

Till the next read Royals.


The Sleeper

I used to sleep a lot especially when i was younger and depressed because i thought it eased the pain/ definitely is an escape from all the noise and wahala going on around us. But in time, I started to really dive deep into sleep cycles.

We have been told that we are supposed to sleep for the average of about 8 hours and that is exactly about one third of the 24 hours.So let’s say

24-8 = 16

Hypothetically, we sleep and have 16 hours of the day left.We have to eat at least three times (so they said right i.e breakfast, lunch and dinner), let’s say that’s about 30 mins each per meal.(1 hr 30 mins)

We have work,children/family, Clean/laundry etc.We already have exhausted the daytime. In this millennium we press phones the remaining hours of the day.


When do we think, meet people, travel just to see how other cultures behave, communicate, think ? you know… (in my head right now : i’m thinking, is this just me or do people actually realize this and still don’t care?)

Anyway,if you were paying attention it means an average man/woman has 16 hours per day not 24 hours. This way you see time is way shorter than you were told.So how do we truly live with 2/3rd of our lives everyday and 1/3 we sleep that’s like half of our lives.

I truly believe that you could sleep 3 hours some days , 10 hours other days, 5 hours some other days and be extremely healthy! if not even better than a lot of people. (i know you might be thinking, how about work, no job will ever allow such nonsense).There are actually so many professions that allows for such freedom (Mostly Entrepreneurial) but understanding sleep is a huge part of understanding life itself.

Health is not determined by how many hours you sleep. Good health is determined by what you feed your body mind and soul. I believe that is why they say health is wealth.

Sleep is very vital in every sense of the word. We heal the body when we sleep, we relax the mind when we sleep and our emotional/spiritual body re-adjusts the energy as well to fit into the vibration. -We are magnetic. Information is a very vital tool and what you should know is no one should determine how many hours you should sleep,eat or do anything.Listen to your body. It always tells.

Some people say they can not eat meals at midnight or early morning. That’s understandable if it’s their preference not because someone else says it should be so. That’s so wrong and it’s just same way the perception behind sleep is based on what ‘they’ said.

Sleep adequately. Understand your body. Observe whether you are a morning or night person and work with that. You don’t have to work using someone else’s time both literally and psychologically. Understanding your sleep cycle can literally change your mindset, attitude and even creativity.

Here is today’s WOW (Word of Wisdom) for you:


A sleeper is one who just WATCHES every opportunity pass him/her by because they are not paying attention to their habits. You can sleep a lot and still not be a sleeper. Catch the drift?





Life they say is a mystery yet people are terrified of mysteries. Isn’t that ridiculous?😂

How do we live in a mysterious world if we are not willing to understand a bit of it?

It’s like building a house with a straw and expecting it to be solid. Na wa!

Mystery is the way of life. The only way to survive is to go through it. Literally through it. As mysterious as these may sound deep down you know its true.

So many different upbringings and vast cultures worldwide yet the only common truth is:

*Know thyself*

If you are able to discover who you are and what you should do you will be fulfilled so does everyone say. Do they ever tell you how”??

Have you ever had to ask someone to pray for you and tell what your destiny would be or look like? Oh Well I have, infact I believe everyone should have done that while growing up especially if you were not sure what to do with ya life 😁. Guess what? It’s nothing to be ashamed of. At some point everyone needs someone to help check them to be sure they are on the right track.It’s only unfortunate that we have people who themselves are confused advice us on what to do. See ehn, don’t blame anyone o because alot of people are ignorant.No be our fault. Human beings didn’t come with special manuals and instructions.we came Naked!.

We hunger and thirst for knowledge and then Boom! Truth shows up and you do not even recognize it. Like they say ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will come’.Even The Bible said, *My people perish for the lack of knowledge*. It’s your duty to CREATE your own manual darling and you can only do that now while living not when you transition. If you knew the exact moment you could die/transition what will you do right now?

Everyday we live, we tell our own stories in everything we do and say and that process is repeated the next day and the next day and the day after and so on till change comes knocking. Then you are forced to make a choice.Repeat or repair. Your choice..

Everyday is a new slate literally, physically, mentally and spiritually.It’s like an everyday reboot system.That kinda gives us a new reason to understand ourselves individually and energetically.

Somedays just as you wake up,rise up.stretch up your body and go outside your apartment or the compound if you live in one.Try to walk barefooot outside.It may seem like random stretching or exercise,but best believe this.That tiny some act connects you energetically with nature,the source,the planet,the universe,God.Those are all DIFFERENT NAMES ONE MEANING.

Never forget that:*Today is what we call *EVERYDAY*. *EVERYDAY is the only day we have to make it right.

So wake up,get NAKED and well, just be genuinely naked with yourself in the heart, your thoughts desires and wishes. Then you begin to flow with the ebb of this gorgeous mystery called life.

Just thought I’ll share my little words of wisdom. Take it how it resonates.🧘‍♀️

Till the next read🙏

Smoochies Royals ❤

Entertainers are our prophets

Anyone who is able to influence you directly or indirectly is a prophet. A messenger of the universe to remind you of who you are.

Entertainers come in different shapes or forms and they are to be accepted exactly how they present themselves that’s the power of self knowledge. Let us learn from these our earthly prophets. Some have transitioned and are still being talked about because of the power of their messages. Most are still alive,yet they are not being celebrated enough.Apparently, you have to die to be celebrated if you are a prophet.In this case, a creative,an entertainer..That’s messed up!

We listen so much to what society says we should do and we almost do not even live our lives. We mostly replicate what we see.How do we grow or learn about who we are if we ignore all the signs and symbols in our environments?, from what I understand most of the very true few prophets alive are creatives or entertainers.Take it how it resonates.

I believe by nature there should be more female artists, entrepreneurs and creatives because by birth we are creators especially because we all were born with wombs I believe that means you could bare a child*

By my law of common sense women should be able to create anything. We are the carrier, habitat of *Life* just as a man is the protector and giver of life *Most females don’t know that by agreeing to be lesser than men,we dim our lights.

We have the greatest story tellers in creative industry known as the entertainment industry. E.g, The athletes,The painters,dancers,musicians,producers,writers,actors,speakers etc.

It takes a whole lot to show people something you made* and if you can release that grip of mental and societal control and allow people experience your gifts not sure of what judgements/criticisms you may receive then you are definitely you’re own kind of prophet.

*It takes bravery to be creative*.You have to be proud of what you are ashamed of to be creative.*

Read the previous sentence again.

It is a messed up world. We all should detox our minds and wash away those lies that have been fed to us from generations.

It’s time for us to start confronting our fears. Time for us to change the way our lives are being governed. Our governments, teachers and prophets are supposed to be the torch of light for the youths but we are too scared to even ask the right questions. That era has been washed. We deserve better and we are going to get it.

Dear Sir/Ma, I dont know about you but I didn’t come here to be nice or sugar coat anything.Times have changed and someone is gotta do the talking if everyone seems afraid.

Speak your truth through any platform you have.Life is very finite and anything can happen right now.Best believe that.

I drop my hat for all creatives out there. Aspiring or retiring. Thank you for teaching us what bravery truly is. Thank you for inspiring us to Express ourselves. ❤

Till the next read