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    I’ve discovered that the difference between success and failure is giving and receiving. Everything is transactional. Just like the stock market, forex exchange etc. You decide how much you want to invest and know exactly how much you’re receiving. If you want to achieve anything, you have to be specific of how much you’re willingContinue reading “GIVE IT YOUR ALL OR NOTHING”
  • Surrender
    All man’s troubles come from not knowing how to sit still in one room. It took for me to loose my past identity and everything i thought i had wanted, to awaken to the FACT that what will be, will be. The most recurring commentary i kept thinking was some version of “this isn’t howContinue reading “Surrender”
  • Everyday is a test
    Learn how to not repeat the same lessons !
  • Intention and Attention
    How to use the yin and yang to manifest
  • Get your Butt out of the way
    Ever wondered why they say the “Truth is bitter”? Well, it is bitter because it is straightforward, direct, and doesn’t always feel or taste good. Just as certain kinds of food or drinks, maybe teas taste quite awful but are very good for your health. In fact, most medicines are usually bitter. See where I’mContinue reading “Get your Butt out of the way”
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